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Key Contacts

Program Managers

James Felty is a Senior Nuclear Engineer and Program Manager at Sigma Science Inc.

Jim Felty Program Manager

Gary Kellund is a Senior Nuclear Engineer and Program Manager for Sigma Science Inc.

Gary Kellund Program Manager

Andrew (Andy) Smith is the Sigma Science Inc. Program Manager for Oak Ridge.

Andy Smith Program Manager

Business Functions

Kimberly Pena is the Chief Financial Officer for Sigma Science.

    Kimberly Pena Chief Financial Officer

    Ervina serves as Contracts Manager at Sigma Science, Inc.

      Erlinda Silva Contracts Manager

      Natasha Sutherlin is the Human Resources Manager at Sigma Science Inc.

      Natasha Sutherlin HR Manager

      Jason Maestas supports Business Development and Marketing efforts for Sigma Science Inc.

        Jason Maestas Business Development / Contracts / Marketing

        Renee Robinson currently supports Business Development activities at Sigma Science Inc.

        Renee Robinson Business Development

        Erika Gorman manages the Los Alamos Sigma Science Offices. She is responsible for document control, records management.

        Erika Gorman Office Manager

        Ervina serves as Executive Assistant at Sigma Science, Inc.

          Ervina Castillo Executive Assistant